We sometimes find that clients don’t realise the full range of things we can help them with. So from time to time, we’re going to post what we’re working on, just to highlight what we can do for you.

Annual reports

We’ve just wrapped up two annual reports for FTSE 250 companies, which are both repeat clients.

The first required us to write the strategic report from scratch, based on interviews with the chairman, chief executive, finance director and divisional MDs. At the same time, we edited the sustainability report and wrote an introduction for it. This report is issued separately but also included in its entirety within the annual report. We then twice reviewed the complete annual report at the proof stage, to ensure clarity and consistency throughout the document.

The strategic report for the second client was largely constructed from client drafts, which we edited for tone, length and consistency, as well as advising on content where necessary. We then created the corporate responsibility section from background material provided from the client.

This client is also interested in developing its corporate governance reporting. We provided examples of best practice and advised on the structure and tone of the governance statement, with the aim of making it both useful and interesting to read. We then wrote the governance statement and the chairman’s introduction.

In addition, we edited the remuneration report and the financial statements. We are increasingly finding that clients are asking us to help with their governance sections and to improve their financial statements – areas that have long been neglected in many reports.

Finally, we’re already kicking off a December year end report for another FTSE 250 company, which is a new client. We’re beginning with a review of last year’s report, with a view to finding the key areas that could be improved. Our review has identified the company overview, business model, strategy and objectives, key performance indicators and governance as the sections we should focus on.

Interim results

We wrote the interim results announcement for another new FTSE 250 client, based on interviews with the chief executive, finance directors, divisional MDs and the strategy director.

We’ve also just started work on the interims for a new AIM-listed client.

Corporate reporting consultancy

We’ve written two annual report critiques for design agencies, one looking to help an existing client make incremental improvements and the other ahead of a pitch meeting.

Sustainability reports

We edited the sustainability report for a major engineering consultancy and created case studies based on background information provided by the client.

White papers

We’ve recently finished a white paper for a consulting client, which sets out how the best sales people are now using insight selling to create value with their clients. The paper explains what a sales insight is and how it can flow from the company’s broader value proposition.

We’re putting the finishing touches to a white paper for a client in the IT sector, which outlines how companies can better manage their contractors to keep costs down and the quality of service up.

And we’re in the early stages of another IT-related paper for another consulting client, looking at how companies can get their failing IT implementations back on track.

Web copy

We’re editing copy for the corporate website of a FTSE 100 company. This covers:

  • About us
  • Business overview
  • Sustainability
  • Careers
  • Investors
  • Case studies

The main challenge has been to take existing corporate copy and make it more human, with a friendly tone and accessible language.

Case studies

We’re finalising a case study for an existing consulting client, which explains how it helped a high-profile public sector body to assess the culture and behaviour of construction companies that were tendering for a major project.

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