You’re looking for a copywriter. How do you decide who to use?

Experience? Definitely.

Price? That’s bound to play a part.

Writing style? Then you could be making a mistake.

Copywriters use a writing style that suits you

Good copywriting reflects the client’s personality. A skillful copywriter uses word choice, sentence structure, rhythm, metaphor and a host of other techniques to communicate the company’s essence. Copywriting is a creative process.

That’s why we’ll talk to you about your writing style, as part of the briefing. We’ll try to get a feel for your company’s culture and self image, and how you perceive your brand. We might make suggestions, point out that if we do this with the copy, then you can achieve that. But the decision on style is always yours.

That’s also why you need to view a copywriter’s past projects with caution. The writing style you’re seeing is the style of that client. It’s someone else’s choice. It doesn’t have to be what you get, unless that’s what you want too.

What’s your tone of voice?

There’s another issue here for companies: most have never defined their tone of voice.

So why not give it a go? It’ll strengthen your brand and make life simpler for your copywriter, and for you.

Want to know more?

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