Project Description

AZ Electronic Materials – Annual Report

AZ is a specialty chemicals company whose products are primarily used by electronics companies when they make consumer devices. AZ’s products are highly technical, so a key challenge for the report is to explain what the company does in enough detail to communicate its technological strength, while keeping it simple enough for non-expert readers.

Our remit for this project was broad, starting with a detailed critique of the previous year’s annual report, to understand what worked well and where we could make improvements this time.

Pulling together the copy was then a mixture of creating new material and editing drafts provided by the client.

New material:

  • chairman’s statement
  • chief executive’s report
  • business model
  • mega trends
  • growth opportunities in IC Materials and Optronics

Edited from the client’s drafts:

  • about AZ
  • AZ at a glance
  • our strategy
  • innovation
  • people
  • partnerships
  • principal risks and uncertainties
  • corporate sustainability and responsibility

Throughout the project, we continued to advise AZ about the report content and the best approach to take, to ensure its key messages were clearly and effectively communicated.

Agency: Bexon Woodhouse

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