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Galliford Try – Sustainability Report

Galliford Try is one of the UK’s leading housebuilding and construction groups. Its vision is to be leaders in the construction of a sustainable future, making sustainability a key part of the way the business operates.

The company had structured its previous reports around the corporate responsibility efforts of its two divisions, housebuilding and construction. With this report, we reorganised the material to report at a group level, in line with the company’s new sustainability model. The report was therefore split between the company’s six fundamentals of sustainable business – health and safety, environment and climate change, people, community, customers and supply chain.

This new approach meant our remit included a considerable amount of input on structure, content and messages, as well as the subsequent copywriting. The information gathering stage included interviews with subject-matter experts from across the business. We also included brief case studies to highlight some of Galliford Try’s key achievements.

Once the sustainability report was complete, we then used the content to create a summary for inclusion in the annual report, which we also wrote.

Agency: Farraday

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