Project Description

MDV Consulting – Web Copy

MDV is a specialist leadership and talent consultancy. It works with major organisations to align their talent activities to their corporate strategy.

This was a wide-ranging brief. The key element was providing copy for the entire corporate website, from enticing snippets on the home page to detailed explanations of MDV’s services and approach. The consultancy’s sophisticated offer meant these had to summarise complex work in an engaging way. We worked closely with the senior team to define and clearly explain the offer.

Providing evidence of your skills and capabilities is an important part of any marketing effort. We therefore edited a large number of existing case studies and wrote a number of new ones, outlining the work MDV had previously done for clients and the outcomes it had achieved. We also edited several articles that highlighted key issues in talent management.

Finally, we helped the client to create a script for a short corporate video, as well as crafting LinkedIn profiles for key members of its team.

Agency: Farraday

Website content changes frequently, so we’ve provided a PDF of the copy from some of they key pages, which you can download.

Download a copy

You can download the case studies we wrote and edited from MDV Consulting’s website.

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