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Serco Group – Corporate Responsibility Report

Serco’s approach to corporate responsibility (CR) has five elements – health and safety, environment, people, community and marketplace (which covers customers, suppliers and other business partners). These areas encompass the most important aspects of the company’s long-term sustainability.

The report reflects Serco’s belief that a robust CR performance is essentially about making it a better business. Being responsible will ensure that the company attracts customers, talent and investment, and help it to meet the challenges of the future.

The report has several sections:

  • an introduction from the chief executive, explaining why CR is important to Serco and how it has been built in to the company’s business model, rather than bolted on
  • an overview of how Serco manages CR across the group and how it sets its CR strategy
  • an outline of Serco’s approach to each of the five areas and its activities during 2012
  • the company’s performance against its objectives in each area, plus its objectives for 2013, and
  • a set of case studies for each area, showing CR in action around the business.

The content dovetails with the annual report but also goes further, giving more information about how the company manages sustainability and particularly in the case studies, which add a global perspective to Serco’s efforts.

The report is only available online.

“Richard worked with me on producing Serco Group plc’s 2012 Corporate Responsibility report. Comfortable with the most senior of our leaders, Richard managed to ask the right questions and capture the right tone to create the copy for the report. The turnaround and quality of content was beyond expectation and along with his knowledge and expertise gave me confidence every step of the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Richard on future projects.”
Ben Giles, Serco Group

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