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SerCom Solutions – White Papers

SerCom Solutions provides global procurement and supply-chain management services. It commissioned two white papers from us. The first was to raise awareness of conflict minerals finding their way into supply chains, which can be a problem for electronics companies. The second paper looked at how international companies could better manage their sourcing of marketing materials.

Conflict Minerals in the Electronics Supply Chain

Gold, tungsten, tantalum and tin are vital materials in electronics. However, sales of these minerals are funding a brutal conflict in the eastern region of Democratic Republic of Congo. This paper outlines the issues surrounding conflict minerals, looks at the impact of changes to US disclosure rules under Dodd-Frank and considers the electronics industry’s response to the problem.

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Cutting Costs and Increasing Control in Your Marketing Materials Supply Chain

Marketing materials are an important part of the marketer’s armoury, particularly for business to consumer companies. This paper looks at how companies can manage their marketing materials supply chain, using online tools to co-ordinate buying, reduce costs and manage quality around the world.

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“I have found it very easy to work with Richard. All our communication was by phone or email and it works amazingly well. He receives a brief which should also include key messages, and the written draft is delivered at the agreed date with little to no fuss. He is also very flexible in that the price quoted includes three drafts and this allows for revisions or corrections in an easy, non-costly way. We have used Richard a number of times, and I would happily recommend him to anyone needing similar services.”
Rose McCarthy, SerCom Solutions

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