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Expert corporate reporting consultants

Our investor-relations experience means that we frequently act as corporate reporting consultants, both directly for companies and for the design agencies you work with.

We advise on best practice, help you with topical issues such as moving towards integrated reporting, and write detailed assessments of annual reports, providing practical feedback that you can implement.

Our annual report assessments are particularly popular with design agencies, who want to advise their clients on how to take their reports forward. As well as focusing on your client’s report, we often expand these assessments to include the company’s peers and best practice more generally.

Maximising the value of your annual report

We offer a detailed and impartial review of your most important investor document. You will get clear, actionable feedback, so you can maximise your return on the time and money you invest in it.

In particular, we analyse your narrative content for:

  • clarity – how well the report explains your investment case
  • completeness – what needs to be added (or removed) to improve your narrative
  • balance – whether your report provides the right level of detail
  • structure – how well the narrative flows
  • connectedness – whether you’ve made the crucial connections between your business model, strategy, KPIs, risk, remuneration and sustainability.

The focus on corporate governance has never been greater, making it a key part of your investment case. Our review considers how well your report communicates your governance approach, taking into account your content and its accessibility.

Our review also covers whether the design and imagery support your messages, and the effectiveness of your language and tone of voice.

The annual report assessment is not a box-ticking exercise. Every one is a piece of bespoke analysis, designed to help you get the most from your annual report.

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