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Want help winning your next bid? Our bid copywriting services can help your submission stand out.

Writing a bid presents you and your team with a whole world of challenges: tight word counts, tighter deadlines and subject matter experts who are too busy running your services to write what you need.

That can force you to cut and paste from earlier bids. To hope the client doesn’t notice you haven’t answered the question. To overlook the mishmash of writing styles. To accept that your story doesn’t shine through.

Bid copywriting: how we can help

A well-written bid should also do more than just answer the technical questions. It should grab your client’s attention, through active and engaging words. It should tell them what you’re like as an organisation. It should show what sort of partner you’ll be for the next five or ten years. And, most of all, it should focus on what the client needs to know, not just what you want to say.

Our support can be as simple as editing your copy, so it reads professionally, sticks to the word count and answers the questions you’ve actually been asked.

Or we can write new content from scratch, whether that’s the details of your operating model or an executive summary that succinctly captures the essence of your bid.

Through previous projects, we’ve helped clients to win bids for a wide range of services, including running an inpatient mother and baby unit and providing primary care dementia services and substance misuse services.

Talk to us, to find out how we can help you.

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