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You’ve written your document but something’s not working. Maybe the writing’s flat, your point’s gone missing or the words don’t flow. Perhaps it’s way too long or sounds too formal. And you know there’s a simpler way of saying it, if only you could find it.

That’s where our copy editing services come in. We take your draft and make it sparkle. We cut away the clutter and improve the flow, so your story shines through. And we get the tone just right, so you create the perfect impression with your readers.

Whatever you’re working on, we can edit it

As copy editors, we’ve worked on pretty much everything: annual and sustainability reports, web copy, white papers, internal communications, brochures, case studies, articles, business plans, bid documents and more.

We spend time understanding your objectives, your audience, your desired tone and what you think isn’t working, so we can produce the result you’re after.

Recent projects

  • Annual report for a FTSE 100 company
  • White papers for a specialist consultancy
  • Web copy for an investment management firm
  • Business plan for a major utility company

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