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White papers have many benefits for your business. They add value for your customers, by showing how you would solve their problems. They establish your thought leadership, by contributing to industry debates. And they educate your prospects, building the market and taking the risk – and the fear – from their buying decision.

High-quality white papers should be a key part of your content marketing strategy, encouraging your prospects to share them and raising your profile in the process. They’re also superb for building a mailing list of qualified leads.

White papers, though, are often difficult to write, particularly when you’re trying to keep on top of the day job. That’s why you need expert white paper copywriters on your side.

Creating your compelling white paper

We get to grips with your story quickly. We’ve worked with many businesses in all sorts of industries, so you benefit from our broad experience. And we know how to ask the questions that get to the heart of the issues you want to communicate.

Our skill is then in translating new and complex information into a compelling narrative, so your readers can grasp it and want to take action. We write engagingly, so your subject is never dry, while retaining the professionalism appropriate for a paper you’ll send to senior decision makers. And we know how to structure your paper, so your prospects feel that you understand their problems and have the answer they need.

Getting the sale without being ‘salesy’

White papers exist to inform, not to sell. If yours reads like a marketing brochure, your prospects will treat it like one. We write your paper so it deals with the issues, making it valuable enough that your prospects feel compelled to call you, to find out what you can do for them.

Recent projects

  • A white paper on mobile phone trade-ins, for a FTSE 100 company
  • A white paper on exercise in universities, for a leading wellness business
  • A white paper on adult social care provision, for a specialist consultancy
  • A white paper on using contractors efficiently, for a major IT services provider

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What our clients say about our white paper copywriting services

“Richard is one of those rare writers who has the ability to assimilate the relevant points around complex issues, clarify them and produce a piece of work that is clear, lucid and brings home key points. All without losing the essence of the issue. The white papers he prepared for us were complicated pieces of work, which he handled with patience and good humour – producing items we were delighted with.”
Cindy Barnes, Futurecurve