Want to know more about how we work and what we do? Find the answer to your copywriting questions below.

We write most things. We have particular expertise in annual reportssustainability reports and other investor communications. We also write web copy, white papers and corporate and product brochures. If your project doesn’t fit into those categories, just ask. We’ve done lots of other things too, from speeches to case studies and video scripts.

Not really. If you already have a defined tone of voice, then we’ll use that and make sure everything we write fits with it.

If you don’t have a defined tone of voice, then we’ll discuss with you the impression that you want to create. Some clients want friendly and informal. Others want friendly and professional. Others want what we would describe as ‘professionally neutral’ – writing that just communicates clearly and concisely.

In other words, how we write is up to you.

That depends on how long your project will take and how much value you need us to add, through advice on your content and messages. Every job is different, which is why we don’t state any prices on this site.

Once you’ve briefed us, we’ll quote you a fixed price for your job, which gives you certainty about how much it will cost.

It’s likely you’ll be comparing quotes from a few writers. We might not be the cheapest but we deliver a lot for our clients and that means that you’ll get fantastic value – as our clients will tell you.

No. We do a lot of financial services copywriting, but we’ve also worked with companies in almost every other sector, from basic industries to technology.

While we do need to understand your business, we don’t have to be experts in it from the start – that’s where you come in. We have enough experience to know what questions to ask you.

We do most of the work ourselves but we also partner with a small number of carefully chosen freelance writers. They give us extra capacity at our busiest times, as well as having invaluable experience of their own. We only use them if they’re a great fit for your project.

If we intend to use one of our associates, we’ll let you know before we start work and we’ll introduce them to you. We then provide oversight and quality control while the project is running, meaning that you get the input of two writers while paying for just one.

Absolutely. We’ve worked with many clients that we’ve never met face to face. Phone and email are all that’s needed.

Yes. This can be a very cost-efficient way of getting your project done. It typically takes a lot less time for us to edit a document than to write it from scratch.

As well as editing the words, we can also help you to structure your copy so that it flows smoothly and logically, and ensure that your key messages shine through. We’ll also offer advice on the content, if we can see opportunities to improve it.

No, but we know some excellent proofreaders, so feel free to ask.

The portfolio section of this site has many examples of our work. Bear in mind that each one of those is based on the brief from that particular client. If you want something different (for example, your own tone of voice) then of course we can work with that.

A good briefing, so we can give you an accurate quote and produce what you want. A fast response to any follow-up questions. And a quick turnaround of each draft, with clear comments and explanations of what you want changed.

To find out how to get the most from our working relationship, read ‘How to get the most from your copywriter’.

Get in touch. We’re always happy to talk about how we can help you.