Best Practice group is an independent business advisor, helping companies and the public sector to reduce the cost of working with strategic outsourcing, joint venture and technology service providers.

White papers are one of BPG’s key ways of informing potential clients about issues and raising the profile of its services. We’ve worked on several papers for BPG, writing some in their entirety and editing others.

What each paper has in common is the need to simplify complex information, so it can be readily understood by non-expert readers, while also ensuring the papers have sufficient detail for those who are better informed.

We’ve described three of the papers below. You can download copies from BPG’s website, which requires you to register.

Cloud Computing Contracts

More organisations are making cloud computing the backbone of their IT strategies. This paper considers the pitfalls you must look out for in cloud providers’ standard contract terms. It also explains how the procurement process has a significant effect on your ability to realise benefits from the cloud, and how you can ensure that you are not assuming all the risk of using cloud services.

Outsourcing Exit Guide

This paper is aimed at organisations that have decided to exit an outsourcing relationship because of the vendor’s poor performance. Exiting an outsourcing relationship is a major risk. The paper sets out ten steps to minimise those risks and achieve a quick and successful exit.

Adult Social Care

The rising demand for adult social care is a major headache for councils facing slashed budgets. This paper considers how councils can cut the cost of adult social care and improve service delivery at the same time.

“We were looking for someone to help us develop a white paper. The aim of the paper was to help our clients understand more about the challenges involved in improving the health outcomes for Adult Social Care at the same time as reducing the costs of service delivery. In trying to find out how we should approach briefing a copywriter on this subject, we tripped across Richard’s blog and this contained a list of points in how you should brief a copywriter. We then looked at some of his other work and we were impressed. Having spoken with Richard, we found that he had a background in outsourcing and service commissioning which was ideal for the paper we needed to develop. Our experience of working with Richard has been truly excellent. His inquisitive nature helped us form clear objectives and outcomes. He took what were a series of very complex and ‘dry’ issues and brought them to life in a very insightful and interesting white paper. The paper will be of enormous assistance to senior executives in local authorities that have to wrestle with the balance of improving outcomes in Adult Social Care and having to finance the service delivery.”
Allan Watton, Best Practice Group

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