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Eight steps for writing a successful white paper | Copywriting tips

1st November 2013|Content Marketing Tips, Copywriting Tips|

You need to think before you write your white paper

A successful white paper needs careful planning if it’s to achieve your business goals. Here we outline eight key steps to pain-free white paper copywriting. (more…)

Three reasons that pie charts suck | Financial copywriting tips

10th May 2013|Content Marketing Tips, Copywriting Tips, Corporate Reporting|

Pie charts are everywhere. If you’ve ever had to present numbers, you’ve used them. They’re easy to create, look (superficially) smart and fill lots of empty space in your presentation or paper. I’ve used a ton of them, right up to the point that I found out they suck.

This revelation came courtesy of Randall Bolten’s Painting with Numbers. Bolten, an experienced Silicon Valley CFO, lists what he calls the deadly sins of presenting numbers. (more…)

How buyers buy – the lessons for companies and copywriters | Copywriting tips

15th October 2012|Content Marketing Tips, Copywriting Tips|

One of the great things about being a copywriter is learning from your clients. The following was shared with me by Cindy Barnes at Futurecurve. It explains the process buyers go through when they’re deciding what to buy and – crucially from a copywriting perspective – what influences them at each stage.

This information can help copywriters guide clients through the materials they need to convince their customers. It’s also helpful for copywriters, when considering how to persuade potential clients to use our services. (more…)