You’ve got a big project in the pipeline – your annual report, a new website or a corporate brochure. It’s something that people inside and outside your company will pay close attention to, a project which will affect how your company – and you – are perceived by people who matter.

Let’s look at some of the tasks involved. How many of them are you going to tackle yourself?

  • design
  • photography
  • illustration
  • website building
  • content writing

It’s only the last one, isn’t it? In fact, you wouldn’t think twice about bringing in specialist help for the others.

Now ask yourself a different question. Which is the most important? Again, it’s the last one. No matter how beautiful your design or how fancy your website, your project will fail if no one reads beyond the first line.

The benefits of using a copywriter

So why use a copywriter? Because if you choose the right one, you’ll get the following benefits.


Good writing requires good thinking, a point George Orwell stressed more than 60 years ago. Your copywriter will help you work out what your audience wants to know and then construct a compelling story which will get those messages across.


Once you’ve got your story straight, you still need the right words to express it. Flat, clichéd language won’t do. An expert copywriter will create interesting and original prose which grabs your audience’s attention and makes them want to read on.

If your project is online, you’ll need other specialist writing skills. Your copywriter will know how to write for both your audience and search engines, so people will find you.


Whatever your project, the chances are it’s not something you do too often. Choose the right copywriter and you’ll benefit from lessons learned from numerous projects over many years, with a better product as a result.

Value for money

Take a look at your budget and compare the copywriting costs to the total. For a big project such as an annual report, you’ll find that creating the most important part – the content – only requires a fraction of the overall cost. For any project, using a copywriter will save your valuable time and deliver a better return on your investment.

Additional resource

Ever notice how these projects coincide with your busiest time of year – your financial year end, a new product launch, a major marketing campaign? Using a copywriter relieves the pressure on you and allows you to focus on your project’s overall success.


Whatever your project, it needs to be consistent with your other communications. A good copywriter will have no difficulty adopting your company’s tone of voice, so your project reinforces your brand.

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