Using a Copywriter

How much should copywriting cost?

15th February 2012|Using a Copywriter|

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Budgets are tight, so any conversation about copywriting will eventually turn to the subject of cost.

Potential clients often ask for our day rate, perhaps because it seems like an easy, objective way of comparing copywriters. Unfortunately, that’s only half the equation. After all:

cost = day rate x time

As the client, you have a major influence on the second part of that equation and hence the copywriting cost.


What’s our writing style? That’s up to you

4th October 2011|Using a Copywriter|

You’re looking for a copywriter. How do you decide who to use?

Experience? Definitely.

Price? That’s bound to play a part.

Writing style? Then you could be making a mistake. (more…)

Why use a copywriter?

1st October 2010|Using a Copywriter|

You’ve got a big project in the pipeline – your annual report, a new website or a corporate brochure. It’s something that people inside and outside your company will pay close attention to, a project which will affect how your company – and you – are perceived by people who matter.

Let’s look at some of the tasks involved. How many of them are you going to tackle yourself?

  • design
  • photography
  • illustration
  • website building
  • content writing

It’s only the last one, isn’t it? In fact, you wouldn’t think twice about bringing in specialist help for the others.

Now ask yourself a different question. Which is the most important? Again, it’s the last one. No matter how beautiful your design or how fancy your website, your project will fail if no one reads beyond the first line. (more…)

Get the most from using a copywriter (part 2)

24th August 2010|Using a Copywriter|

This is part two of my post on getting the most from using a copywriter. (Part one covered pre-project planning through to the research phase.)

The writing phase

If your project is large, such as copywriting an annual report, it’s a good idea to prepare an outline before the real writing begins, so you can agree the basic structure and how it will all fit together. If you’ve briefed your copywriter well enough, they should be able to prepare this outline for you. (more…)

Get the most from using a copywriter (part 1)

22nd August 2010|Using a Copywriter|

This is the first of a two-part post on how clients can get the most using a copywriter.

You have a project and you’ve found a copywriter with the skills and experience you need. How do you make sure that things run smoothly? Follow the process below and you won’t go far wrong. (more…)